2 x Comfort Fabric Conditioner Vanilla Orchid 750ml


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Try Comfort Fragrance Collection Fabric Conditioner to experience the beautifully floral Vanilla Orchid Fragrance. Experience the dreamy and floaty scent of Comfort Vanilla Orchid fabric conditioner. Combining warm notes of orchid flowers and vanilla, you’ll be sure to enjoy this rich and indulgent fragrance throughout the day.

This delicately scented laundry conditioner contains natural fragrance oils to make fabric conditioning a sensory experience. Enjoy the power of aromatherapy in a gentle softener to make your life easier and help you relax.

Comfort’s natural fragrance oils give your clothes an exquisite luxurious all-day fragrance. Comfort Fabric Conditioner range is recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

Add Comfort Vanilla Orchid to your wash for an exquisite fragrance. Comfort fabric conditioner conditions your clothes. By using Comfort Fabric Conditioner in every wash leaves with a sumptuous fragrance that lasts all day and only ½ a cap of Comfort is enough for perfect results and will leave your clothes soft and fresh for longer.

Dosage instructions: For normal loads (4-5kg) use half a cap of Comfort fabric conditioner, for large loads (6-7kg) or extra softness and freshness, use a full cap, for hand washing use a third of a cap of Comfort.

Directions for use: 1. Add Comfort to your machine’s fabric conditioner dispenser unit. 2. Wash hands after use. 3. Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Comfort Fabric Conditioner is easy to use. Simply pour the correct dose straight into the correct compartment of your washing machine drawer or dispenser.
Comfort Vanilla Orchid washing conditioner with Natural Fragrance Oils.
Enjoy the warm aroma of Vanilla Orchid.
Comfort laundry conditioner with Natural Fragrance Oils.
Aromatherapy fabric conditioner created by a world-renowned perfume experts.
Warm notes of orchid flowers and vanilla with long-lasting fragrance and long-lasting freshness.
Comfort clothes conditioner is recommended by leading machine manufacturers for your fabric.