Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser White MY-2-303


Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser White MY-2-303

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Product Description


Item Number: MY-2-303( white), Commercial Soap Dispenser

Voltage:   4.5VDC or 5VAC
Size of Product:     110W x 275H x 106D (mm)
One drop/Time :    1~1.5 CC
Capacity :      800 CC
Soap       Suit for gel
Rated Power:       4.5W
Battery life : 10000 drops/cycles or one year
Material:        ABS plastic
thickness is 0.8-1.0mm
Certificate:     CE


  • Automatic operation
  • Only one drop of soap released from handsfree dispenser;One drop: 1 to 1.5cc
  • LED flashes 3 times means to indicate in use mode;LED continues to flash blue to indicate low battery
  • Power turn-on automatically after casing is closed;Power turn-off automatically after casing is opened
  • All key parts are independent for easy maintenance
  • Container assembly and dispenser mechanism are 100% separable
  • Mechanism is free from damage by soap
  • Nothing is allowed within 300mm of nozzle and sensor assembly
  • Suitable for  gel, liquid alcohol, soap,sterilized iodine and detergents

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